Unmanned Aerial System

Advanced Thermal Solution

Orion 700 

“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it”​

Never before has the Thermographer had the ability to control a thermal camera in the air as they would with a hand-held unit. Outfitted with a powerful on-board computer, you can remotely control the FLIR A65 sensor to make adjustments to the FLIR Tools software such as temperature ranges and emissivity.

The Orion 700 UAS completes radiometric thermal scans in a fraction of the time, accessing problematic locations to capture a variety of perspectives. This design represents a convergence of advanced technologies that is transforming the world of remote thermal sensing.

New perspectives create new opportunities​

Orion 700 includes the FLIR A65 radiometric thermal sensor

FLIR A65 thermal sensor collects high quality thermal data files that can show temperature differences less than 0.05°C. The crisp, 640 x 512 pixel thermal data stream is recorded with the FLIR A65 to easily track temperature changes in every frame. This remarkable sensor is tightly integrated with the Orion’s powerful on-board computer thus giving the operator access to control the sensor and ensure the quality and relevance of the data being collected.

Radiometric data is similar to RAW data from the traditional photos and corresponds to the intensity of thermal radiation. This function makes it possible to obtain all the necessary information from the acquired data during the evaluation stage. Adjustments to the setting such as the temperature range or emissivity are very simple. The Orion captures a SEQ data stream that appears like a video. Each frame at 9, 30 or 60 frames per second can be analyzed as if it was a single image.

Design + Power + Size = Superior Wind Resistance



ORION 700 UAV working in turbulent wind conditions​

All UAV technology is sensitive to wind turbulence and the majority of drones will pitch and roll dramatically during wind speeds over 20 km/h (15 m/h). Subsequently, many operators must wait until wind conditions are favorable (lower than 20 km/h (15 m/h), to fly


The aerodynamic design, size and power of Orion 700 UAV means that exceptional data is acquired in turbulent conditions that typically ground other drones. What our client’s value is having the ability to get the job done “right” when they need to stay on schedule.



Orion’s on-board computer opens you to expanding your applications 

With any new, emerging technology, there must be an underlying expectation that “you” will learn with experience. It our opinion this outlook applies absolutely with our UAV equipment.  Therefore, we incorporate a deliberate design advantage in our heavy lift aircraft to give you the potential to operate a wide variety of payload sensors, cameras or combination thereof.   Our objective is that Infinite Jib™ clients have our support and options to expand their applications when opportunities arise.

Proudly made in Canada

Designed, manufactured and serviced in North America for exclusively for commercial applications, affords you direct technical support and service from your UAV manufacturer. We are a dedicated, specialized company that was founded in 2010. Over the years, we have become known for the exceptional performance of our aircraft, for providing prompt and effective support as well as for the genuine quality of our service.​

Flight Crew not included but
everything else is standard

The Orion 700 is a comprehensive system built for the professional pilot & crew:


Key Features include:

• Window 7 Pro with a i7-6500 2.5Ghz dual core CPU, 500 Gb storage, 16 Gb Ram, Gig Ethernet, USB 3.0
• FLIR A65 thermal sensor
• Nikon D5300 DSLR camera
• HD Video recorder to work simultaneously with the FLIR sensor
• ToughBook PC as your ground station and iPad for navigation and telemetry
• Redundant safety systems
• LCD monitor mounted on tripod displays live video from the craft
• Robust power system of battery packs, dual charger and AC/DC power converter
• The system swiftly packs down into a custom transport case.
• Comprehensive 2 part training program includes:

1. Three Day UAV Pilot Training Course presented by the Wellington Flight School provides you with practical, up-to-date information, so you can safely operate under Transport Canada's Exemptions (under 1kg or 1-25kg) or under your Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC). 

2. Three Day comprehensive aircraft operations presented by Infinite Jib™ provide you with a thorough overview of your UAV operations, mission planning, hands-on flight instruction as well as maintenance procedures. 

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• Surveyor Photogrammetry 630 UAS Solution

• Orion 700 Thermal / Photogrammetry UAS Solution
• Nexus 800 LiDAR / Photogrammetry UAS Solution

Lord Kelvin

Orion 700
Jeff Jackson

In 2012 FLIR requested that Infinite Jib™ develop the most advanced UAS thermal collection system in the world. The Orion 700 remains the only UAS that provides the Thermographer the ability to view and make adjustments to FLIR Tools running on the aircraft from the ground station. Thermographer’s remark “It’s like working with the FLIR sensor on the bench in the lab, but this one is up in the air”.  In the past few years other thermal systems have entered the marketplace but none of them match the features and capabilities of the Orion which remains the finest thermal, unmanned aerial system (UAS) manufactured.​

Thermal study of two streams merging

Courtesy: G. Sadowski​

Orion thermal flight reveals manhole cover that had been paved over below the pavement.

Courtesy: Brunswick Engineering and Consulting Inc.

Quick Change Artist

 from remote thermal sensing to precision photogrammetry

The Orion 700 UAS also includes the Nikon D5300 DSLR.  The camera is easily interchanged with the system’s FLIR A65 for projects that require both thermal and high-resolution photography. NIKON D5300 with 28mm lens with GPS automatically Geotags each photograph. Remote control functions start and stop photography as well as control the shutter rates. The D5300 can also shoot in RAW formats. Capturing photogrammetry images in RAW and saving them in TIFF format, improves the quality and accuracy of the survey.  We even include the UV lens filter and memory card.​

Nikon D5300 standard on Orion 700 UAS​

Rob Milner, FLIR Canada with Jeff Jackson and Chris Holmes of Infinite Jib™, test Orion UAS prototype​

“Infinite Jib has created a professional aerial thermographic imaging system that is light years ahead of systems that require piloted flight and can only stream dead video to a ground station.”


Rob Milner, Automation Manager

FLIR Systems Ltd.

“ When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it.”


Lord Kelvin

The sophistication of radiometric thermal imaging is uniquely suited for critical decision projects. 

The analytical power of using the sequential thermal data surpasses the potential of traditional thermal photography.  Combined with the potential to fly to remote locations, the Orion UAS acquires data that was not previously accessible. As you can see in the image to the right, the Orion simultaneously records both the thermal data as well as a 1920x1080 RGB video.

Orion customized to operated the FLIR 300
Gas Detection Sensor

Courtesy: Brunswick Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Orion 700 UAS with standard FLIR A65 payload

Infinite Jib