“Do we disrupt now?
Or do we wait to be disrupted?”


The ambition and complexity of today’s projects are breathtaking. UAV technology is positioned to assist industries to realize their goals by enabling enhanced planning and construction. When applied effectively, technology can boost productivity.


We recognize that the implementation of new technologies represents a disruption to many organizations. To promote the success of your re-engineering or change management, we provide you with extensive training; provide relevant consultation, and accessible, prompt support.


We understand the importance of smoothing implementing UAV technology into your company and we want our clients to be successful. To achieve that, we make sure to provide you with our full support from day one.  Starting with first contact, we work with you to understand your requirements, provide you with expert advice and recommend the UAV most appropriate for you.


If your requirements demand the accuracy and performance of one of our heavy lift, remote controlled aircraft systems, we will work with you to incorporate any custom features that may be required and determine your delivery and training timeline. As the manufacturer, offering this build to order process provides our client with the advantages to target specific requirements for their UAV investment.

Infinite Jib™ Training Programs


“Technology means nothing if you don’t have the right people with the right skills.”


Underscoring the success of our clients is the extensive training they receive with their aircraft system. 

Our training is a two-part program:


UAV Pilot Ground School Training


Infinite Jib™ engages the Wellington Flight School, Wellington, Ontario, one of the largest professional flight schools in Canada, to provide UAV Pilot training for our clients.


Pilots who have successfully completed this compliant course will be able to reference the course and ground school provider in their SFOC application as proof of pilot knowledge.


The Wellington Flight School program content includes:


• Aviation restricted radio operators license

• WWFC course notes including SFOC application guidance and template

• One hour hands-on flight experience

• Professional mission demonstration

• Course binder and reference materials

     • Airspace

     • Theory of flight as it applies to all UAVs

     • Air law

     • Navigation

     • Mission planning and site surveys

     • Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC)

     • Operating under exemptions

     • Human Factors

     • Meteorology

     • UAV maintenance

     • Interpretation of Aeronautical Chart

     • UAV Control Systems

Aircraft System Training

We leverage the advantage of being your UAS manufacturer and provide you with system training tailored for the model you purchased. From our Schomberg, Ontario location, located in the countryside, 30 minutes from the Toronto Pearson Airport, you receive instruction from Infinite Jib™ personnel. Learn the about your system’s engineering, operations, best practices for care and maintenance as well as waypoint and manual flight instruction. Program length varies from 2 to 3 days depending on the UAS model you have purchased model you have purchased.


Training manuals as well as Certificate of Completion are presented at the end of your training program.


Statement of Conformity

May 2015, after working closely with Transport Canada, Infinite Jib™ Inc. was recognized and awarded with a Declaration of Compliance for our Surveyor 630 aircraft and Nexus 800 UAS.  Further Transport Canada recognized the scope of our technical submission was unusually comprehensive and uniquely appropriate to assess the airworthiness and safety of future compliance submissions. We are proud that our work in this endeavor contributed to the evolution of the Canadian UAV design standards.


Our Compliant UAS Designs

The design compliancy afforded to our aircraft models, satisfies a crucial requirement of the application process to obtain an SFOC as Compliant UAV Operators in accordance with Section: Staff Instruction 62-001. 

Upon purchase, Infinite Jib™ issues a Statement of Conformity specific to the serial number of the client’s aircraft.

Transport Canada (more info)

The federal government, through Transport Canada, has primary jurisdiction over the regulation of UAVs in Canada on the basis that UAVs fall within the scope of the federal government's constitutional power over aeronautics. The principal federal legislation governing civil aviation in Canada is the Aeronautics Act and the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs). While Transport Canada has developed specific regulations and guidelines governing the operation of UAVs, certain CARs respecting the operation of regular aircraft generally may also still apply. UAV operators must also comply with all other applicable laws and regulations, including the Criminal Code and provincial and municipal laws related to trespassing and privacy.


Link to Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC) Information:


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